June 10, 2008

A letter to My Mormon "good christian Uncle"

In response from an email forwarded too me after HE denied my request
to give my Grandmother a home, instead be in ONE!
Do you think because I am a lesbian has anything to do with it?????

(they sent the link below to preach Mormonism Christianity)


Dash a movie that is supposed too change lives!


It is sad an old woman has no value in our, your society. Look what we can look forward too when we get old. A single bed with strangers around us to help us put on our shoes with holes.

Justify it all you want but it is wrong when she could have a bedroom next to mine, waiting for her
with love and care.

Terry's message to me was bull, Grandma seems to be frightened of him or
maybe that is the Mormon Christian Way to Obey the man.
No wonder I ran from Utah at 16.

Thank god I got out of your worlds. It was hard very hard to make it on my own by myself.

But worth every scar and bruise emotionally as well as physically.

I learned from people from that small town that calls themselves LSD Latter Day Saints, (Christian)

I also know of rude, discriminating, harsh, HYPOCRITICAL people that have never left their
30 mile radius, and BELIEVE they KNOW everything!

Blanding, Utah was a horrible place and I have never treated anyone the way I was treated by
people, some of them were even friends of my mom and I am sure yours.

Shame on all hypocrite's that preach loudly and despise ANYONE that is different!
I am Gods Creation
                               No Mistakes 

Heterosexuals, religious zealots, Breeders, Right Wingers YOU HAVE designed this
world we live in. NOT US the despised HOMO's. Hetro's and breeders YOU

Consider your world without the contributions of the ARTISTS, POETS, PAINTERS,

everyone especially little girls displaced by divorce should have
been shown kindness.

In my many travels the loudest religious shouters are usually the worst as I from a
young age brutally learned.

I lived it. When my parents divorced actually when my father was Ex-communicated
from his loving, forgiving MORMON church I became a Black sheep untouchable and was ostracized
from an entire town. My mothers former "friends" did not let their children
play with me, they tried too exclude me from playing softball. A little girl
that was confused by a divorce and at 10 years old NO kindness was extended

I was not shown kindness by you or my uncle or by any of the GOOD MORMONS that feel
superior to everyone else on the planet.

Going to church, reading scripture and having Sunday school does not make a good Christian.

Daily acts of kindness and helping others are more Christ-Like than any of your hypocritical

My grandmother was the ONLY person I ever had to turn too and she was kind and generous and
loved me.

Shame on you both for denying her a beautiful place to live where she would be cared
for and loved.

I am home every day and she would have companionship and love.

Look into your hearts-- did you really make her feel at home in your home?

She told me she was a bother to you and made messes. (I taped the conversation)

I asked the staff how many visitors? and I spent time in that home (hours) have you?

MY GRANDMOTHER is a private proud person and took care of all of us.

I have made a beautiful life for myself I have traveled I have 4 homes and 15 properties.

I surround myself with good food, friends and beauty. I offer that to the woman
who in my opinion never had the life she wanted. Well maybe she did because
your teachings implied that a woman was to never ask for more.

I once asked her if she had done everything she wanted in her life, She only laughed
because I realize now she didn't know she could have, AND DESERVED more.

I hope for you both you feel good about your decision MR. Power of Attorney.

And I hope you have had a rich of a life as I have had and I truly mean that.

I always wanted to be a Cowgirl, an Actress a Singer a Musician.
I always wanted to help others ALL KINDS of others
I wanted to travel the world and have a great love.

I have succeeded.

Now I want to write and direct movies and teach others to be as happy as I am.

Because it is all a choice.

I leave you with the image that is stuck in my brain---

My beloved grandmother lying in a noisy shitty twin bed with boxes filled with a few cheap
items that no one even helped her put in her drawers. She was lying on her back
with strangers milling about, she was frightened because when she wakes up she
does not know where she is AND there are strangers around her.

She was hurting and didn't want to bother anyone.

If this is my fate I shall do as Aunt Lila did and kill myself.

By the way if it is a money issue you can keep her Social Security you
need it more than I do.

I think she deserves a hell of a lot more than you think she does.

And if you find you only trouble yourself to see her once a week its not enough.

Every time she wakes up she is frightened. She does not know where she is,
She panics each time in her single bed, alone. I do not wish that on you.

Do you know she gave me my love of flowers and birds and she would be surrounded
with them as well as a granddaughter that considers her MOTHER.

Instead of forwarding this film you sent me maybe I should forward the one I made offfffffff
My sweet Grandmother mother alone in that place.

I call all SELF Proclaimed Christians to look into their own hearts and actions.

Live their own lives, DO NOT try to dictate mine!

Tend your own gardens because even though I am a Homosexual I am
a proud one and I have the Most Christ Like Partner, she is loving, giving
and nice to everyone around her. If I did not find her and have her in
my life too show me TRUE love and understanding. (LILA NOW TRACEY) suicide gun shot deaths

Because of the hurt and pain and flagrant disloyalty I see every day in this world.

Too bad MY GRAND MOTHER can not have have a few TRULY loving and peaceful years
before she dies.

I wish no further contact with you or anyone that disturbs the peace I have created for my life.

You have taught your children through action that what you have done is right and
ALL that comes around goes around. I trust your old age will look the same.



LOgic FRom A High School DRop oUT!

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