October 19, 2010

How Fragile We Are-Poetic Pain

how fragile we are
going day to day
trying to keep up with life
trying to tell yourself
you’ll be alright.

but each time you fall
you take 3 more steps
and have to crawl back again
A smile on your face
wont always stay in place to long

how fragile we are
trying to age with grace
hoping the next time
you take the fall
You’ll be able to get back up, at all.

and just when you think
that you have something right
you turn around
And to put up another fight
too remember who you are

now I've lost part of me
something that fogs my mind
more pain than I can hide
the strength i had left behind
my soul has to find some way

how fragile we are
you think it is hard now
you/ have your energy and body
mine has deserted me
and I still have to face

Another day of pain
my mind that's gone on strike
but who will care for me
So i have twice to fight
to have the same hard day as you

So you say I look all right
no disability in sight
I can’t prove myself to you
because you don't know pain
To get up each day trying to stay sane.


Cassandra Neal said...

I love it. I love how you are able to put your thoughts into words like this. I have no poetry in me at all. I feel your pain every day. Yours is a lot worse then mine I know, but I understand it. I hope that some day Dr.s and others will be more understanding and they can fix us. Big gentle hugs and hope of a better tomorrow.

Linda Holdahl said...

I just love this and I FEEL it ALL! I know exactly what this is about - at least for me :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you know I am a fan of most of your ideals...I love love love the poem! Keep giving your pain a voice...We must give it a voice. Otherwise, who will listen? No one. Way to go girl! Kristen

Anonymous said...

I wish I could express my pain in this way but that would require thinking & I can't do too much of that anymore.