October 19, 2010

Fibro WOMEN, Rebel against Hysterectomies


My FIBRO increased and gave me A new present called

RSD (severe pain of no known origens)

Inguinal ligaments are a major cause of pain in both men and women.

These ligaments are long tight bands, cords, that run diagonally where your leg meets your torso. If you are sitting up you can put a pencil on each side where the fold is where your body stops and your thighs start. That line is exactly how they run.

When you're lying down roll the area gently. If you poke it will hurt a lot.

Roll it as if you are rolling a pencil under the skin, back and forth from torso to thigh. In that tight band there are often thickenings, and actually hard areas. These areas put pain on nerves as we have a lot of nerves in that area (surprise, surprise, but nature does want us to reproduce!!!)

In men this can cause scrotal pain (and pain down the inside of the leg right up there. (One of my sons --he'll kill me if I say who--had this when he was young. I was a single mom and I had some interesting conversations with male friends about whether or not men had growing pains in this area.) In women this can cause pelvic pain, deep and also down the leg.

When you have these pains sometimes you can get yourself into a weird position that looks like a dead bug and the pain will be better. Heat can also help this area because it's near the surface.

..Musculoskeletal Syndrome "Inguinal ligaments connect the front part of the hip bone to the pubic bone. The outer portion is almost always swollen, especially in women.

It produces pain across the lowest part of the abdomen by constantly pulling and irritating where it splays across the pubic bone. If doctors fail to put their hands on that ligament and examine it for swelling, they'll erroneously suspect ovarian or bladder problems."

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