June 15, 2011

Civil War America

      ALL AMERICANS should worry about Our Nation's
              REAL PROBLEM'S!
  AIG taking $2800 from every Man, Woman & Child (TARP)            
  Applying those Funds to BONUS overpaid CEO's. 
Add Insult to Injury--They were TAXED 1% of billions! 
                           How much did you pay?
          GE reported billions in Profit - NO TAXES!

 Balancing A budget by Cutting TEACHERS, POLICE,     
Raping  schools budgets.
Tea Baggers,  Republicans, Democrats,  Americans
Does your neighbors bedroom affect your life
 More than Buying Food?  Paying for Gas?                 
NASA is no more--
    Yet No One mentions  cutting The WAR Machine $
Cheney & Bush lost A plane holding 6 billion dollars
      CASH - in IRAQ-  No One talks about it--WHY?

             Americans - WE ARE IN A CIVIL WAR AND
            WE ARE LOSING!

          The top 1% Earniings, The Corp’s, Your Politicians
         Are making fools of all Hard Working Americans!

                   WAKE UP!

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