March 20, 2012

All Paths Lead to God.

  Too ALL OF YOU Superior True Believers of RELIGION.   

                                  (Not Faith)

 Are  you “HOLIER THAN THOU” sheep
  Aware OF Constantine? 
 The Pagan Caesar , Pope  Politician.
 He needed to stop the killing of Christians, Pagans  & Jews
For The ECONOMY--Basically

 Constantine summoned Leaders of all the "warring" religions 
 And The  1st of SEVEN,  Ecumenical Conferences commenced.

 This is basically where the book the "BIBLE was edited
 These leaders of various faiths decided  or edited-- THE BIBLE, 
 THE GOOD BOOK,  Into the versions
  which control your life.   LOOK IT UP

 How many have been Killed, Died, Tortured in the NAME OF GOD?
Use logic, read everything you can on every Religion, Philosophy. 

History is fluid and The Book you are reading is A biased version of an event through the Author/Editors Eyes.

"The poor will inherit the Earth" 
Only after The rich Powerful Corporations have wasted every beautiful natural resource we have.

Stop fighting about  Who's GOD is Greater And take personal responsibility in every action and breath you take.
Open your eyes and see what Dogma, Tax Exempt Religion has done to Our souls and Hearts.
Take A good look The Government,  At what your church asks of you. 
 And listen through fresh, clean ears

 ANY PERSON distracting you with HATE,  Distracting you from truth, 
 Is also Distracting you from love.

 Why wasn't The "Book Of Jesus" included in The Bible?

Why was The bible written 250 years later?

We all know how stories can be diluted after each
Person relates The story to benefit his cause.  

ALL powerful GOD Has been the source of HATE, WAR and killing of Our families.

People use HAIL Mary's and BORN AGAIN to leave Poor/Ignorant
 Decisions in life behind.  They try to forfeit 
RESPONSIBILITY!   What if people BELIEVED they Had 
To account for their mistakes instead of being forgiven?

Maybe People would realize Every action--Has 
Re-Action.  Every time you wrong someone
It is YOUR Responsibility!

In my life, the most Judgemental, Rude, Lying, Cheating
Individuals hid behind Religion.

Life is SIMPLE:

Thou Shalt NOT KILL
Thou Shalt NOT Covet----please look it up

I will make it simple-- Covet--Don't CHEAT,  Don't Steal,
Don't be Greedy.


SHOW LOVE TO ALL--Not just The people that look like you.

 ALL RELIGION has failed.

Water can not wash your soul clean 
No Hail Mary can relieve you of pain you caused
There is only YOU in the beginning and only YOU 
in the end.  Take Responsibility.


Logic From a high School Drop Out.

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