August 31, 2008

shame on Senator's AND why are they so stupid?

I am outraged that our Senators waste time on subjects like
“Truck Balls” or “steroids in baseball” Gay marriage ban.

Not one these subjects should be discussed by our Senators.

They should focus on Insurance companies and stop them
From pricing us out of our homes!

If they stopped wasting there time on stupidity maybe
They could have stopped Money Lenders from creating
The Sub-Prime Mortgage scandal.

Simply They NEED TO, HAVE TO focus on US the citizens they
Are supposed to represent! I am disgusted with ALL elected
Officials. I am certain they only want to get elected to
Satisfy Their Need For Greed!
How do the Officials hold their heads up?
Shame on You! Shame on you for letting the Mortgages
And Insurance to Companies dictate TO YOU!
Shame On You for NOT protecting your citizens!

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