September 1, 2008


OUR two Party system Politics ted and does not serve a TRUE Democratic Society.
We need too demolish the delegates and rely ON POPULAR VOTE.

Lobbyist's should not be able too connect with Politicians AT ALL!

I have personally lost confidence in our corrupt Sheriffs Office, Our "statesman" that carry their Homo-Hatred on their sleeve but get caught being themselves.

the press which was established to keep the public informed ARE A Disgrace!

I want a country that worries about 38% on loans instead of who I close my door with at night.

I want a military that rewards members on merit not "closed doors" Don't Ask.

I want politicians that realize we need translator's in order too rebuild a demolished COUNTRY. I WANT Someone in charge too apologize for dropping bombs on
Citizens and further make OUR Country look like a circus with our ridiculous leader
calling entire Nations Evil (Axis of Evil) I am embarrassed that our Military and President would name an Occupation of a country "Shock and Awe" Like it was a mere fire works display.

I am disgusted AND DISHEARTENED I wonder what McCain or his VP MRS. Palin
would say to any real issues!

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