September 27, 2008

Disabled Fibromyalgia Consequences

6/12/2008 (MY COMMENT) This was my FIRST letter and I decided to
obtain an ATTORNEY so I would not endure more STRESS.
WAIT until you hear the DEBACLE! MY ATTORNEY was almost worse than the story below. I will not name name the Attorney YET but I believe he was
to busy Campaigning for Mayor. AND he is ALL that is wrong with America!
See my next story on POWER ABUSE! And watch my

To the Manager of Macy's
CC:Broward Sheriff department,

This letter is too document what happened on this day and
also to report Officer Saito for rough treatment and severe bruising of my hand. I will also file a complaint with the police department.

I will explain the entire incident but first I would like to explain my injury at the
hands of Officer Saito. I will provide several photo's taken by me and I will go too my local station also to certify the injury.

Officers of the law should not treat everyone as a hardened
criminals, Officer's should be intelligent and well trained they should
exercise restraint with power, not wield it as a weapon.

Citizens should not be afraid of Police but we are AND we are
quickly losing respect in this community.(I refer to RIP OFF REPORT.COM and Macy's also has an extremely high rate of Lawsuits based on discrimination.

I Was fully compliant and did not attempt too flee at any time.
After questioning by the Officer and your Macy's staff (45 to 65 minutes)
Officer Saito handcuffed me so (I would not get away.) I am disabled and could and have NOT been ABLE
nor did I try to run. There was no need to cuff me EXCEPT for Officer Saito's discrimination of A
Gay, Disabled Woman! Saito told me he did not believe I am disabled!

I went through the entire process and no one listened to my side of the story and I waited patiently.
Except for informing ALL of them I was near seizure MY sugar dropped, I was thirsty, In pain AND
My service Dog was in the CAR because I was returning home from the VET and just stopped for a 10
minute gift shopping BECAUSE of Macy's ADVERTISING of 70% SALE!

I asked the Officer if it wasn't excessive too use handcuffs?
He threatened me by saying "He would put my dog in the pound and throw me in jail and impound my car.

I tried to explain my disability to him and reacted with extremely harsh behavior. I can not BELIEVE this happened too ME! A American with no record that was compliant too all questioning.

Citizens do not respect belligerent treatment and lose faith
In rude ruthless police officers we are supposed too depend on.


I expected to peruse the sales rack, pick a present and leave.
I had just left my Vet's too check my DOG and was interested in the
sale rack MACY'S had been advertising.

I looked at racks and picked out several items moving as fast as I could
to return to my car and dog expecting to not take more than 10 minutes.

I spoke with several clerks and then went too the men's department and tried
on 2 t-shirts and a sweater jacket the clerk was standing right there!

I even gave a business card to a shopper
in clear view of the clerk. (DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A THIEF ?)

I started to feel sick and sweaty and my blood sugar dropped I also realized I needed to see my service animal
(She alerts me to seizure disorder)
I still hadn't found the gift I was looking for.

This had been my first time out of my home for two weeks and the first
time I was alone in a large store for quite some time.

My fully documented disablement makes it difficult for me too be under fluorescent lights
and I was also diagnosed with early on-set Dementia as well as severe Fibromyalgia and RSD-severe pain syndrome
I am fully DISABLED BY the State of Florida since 2004

I was very confused and tried too explain all this but no bothered too listen!

(My partner generally accompanies me to stores, I last as long as I can than
she pays for the items and I return to the car to stabilize.)
she was working.

Then I looked for earrings finding none I went too the Women's section and
picked 2 pair of expensive slacks and shorts and a shirt. All expensive.

I had forgotten the T-shirt was still on.

I paid for my items and told the clerk i was too tired too try the pants on.
I gave her my credit card and ID. (AGAIN THE ACTIONS OF A THIEF?)
I was feeling more ill by the minute
and wanted to get too my car, that is when the security man stopped me.

Although he was courteous and nice he did not listen to my explanation.

I should have demanded a supervisor but I was Too ill to think correctly

A question from me: Do shop lifters generally wear items they stole in front of clerks
(two of them)? Why didn't the clerk say anything?
I made a simple mistake and would Implore you too watch the video tape
and with my explanation, I did not intentionally try too steal anything.

I believe you will see I am telling the truth I do not have a record which
officer Saito checked after which he threatened me and bruised me. AFTER I informed
him I had A NECK procedure two days before and was fragile.

Again I wonder why he was brutal. His saying "Ignorance of the law is no excuse"
HOWEVER when A solid citizen is treated rudely and as you see by my hand roughly,
We do not study the laws we learn by example.

The Broward Sheriff office is losing its reputation quickly in our community
and I am certain with this economy Macy's also needs a good public image.

I am certain IF one person on your side listened to my account rationally I would have never been bruised by SAITO.

I would have addressed this yesterday (WED) but I was bed bound with the unneeded stress.

I made a mistake and as soon as I reached my car and stabilized my sugar level
I would have noticed I had on too many clothes and I would have done the right thing and
brought them back into the store.

But you don't know me and NO ONE would listen.

The WORLD Is not black and white and people do make mistakes!

Our world is a computerizes society but we should still be able too look at both sides. Before you ruin my name I implore you too review the tape.

I have all medical records too back up my letter and also if you look at what I purchased vs. What I mistakenly
wore out of the store you will understand my logic and
make my story credible. I will attach photo's of my hand and also my paid receipt. By the Way I do not believe they put the sale price on the T-Shirt )It was 70% Rack)

Honestly Yours, I hope we resolve this together without press, blogging and attorney fees. I am not a saint but I am NOT a shoplifter!

Michelle Certonio


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