October 26, 2008

Response to comment: Letter my to Fibromyalgia centers

Hi sherril,

I hope you read my letter and I hope you hope you had a better result. I spent close to $5000.00
and enbrel gave me a stroke or what TSI or "weakness" Also they prescribed 8 other R/X's
for hormonal imbalance. The imbalance was from my check book!. I even asked them about
Guifenensen and the nice, young Dr. asked me if it worked. I had not read Amand's Book or
followed his procedure like I do now.

I recorded 2 video's on Youtube check it out and i am getting alot of response from other
suffering people. http://www.youtube.com/user/mcertonio

After 3 months on Dr. Amand's protocol I was up most of the day yesterday! (I was down
today until 4 PM) BIG improvement for me--I can wash my own hair! yeah! I have not done
that since 2004, yes 4 years ago. My pain level is WAY UP but at least I can get up!

I hope your experience was better.


logic from a high school drop out

P.S. Usually people post "QUOTES" from famous writers, I quote myself.

(Real life is not normal and when Artists reflect "normal life" without the cloak of
hypocrisy we are condemned.) t

Also look at Letter on the side bar, my sister put a gun in her mouth and her

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Hi Michelle,

I was interested to read your post because I am planning on going to the Atlanta FFC at the end of this month... are there more specifics you could share about your experience? I know there are a lot of people who would be interested.

I have endometriosis and had to have an ovary removed because of it. I've had pain where the ovary used to be, and in other places I'm told are where referred pain from that area would go, for years. It might be that's what's happening to you.

Thanks for posting about the FFC,


Posted by Sherril to Logic From A High School Drop Out at September 1, 2008 3:34 PM


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