January 18, 2009

Fibro Hell

Thank You!
In days of pain when even your hair hurts,  not too mention
the nails driven into your arms and legs, 
 The electrical shocks in your toes,
  The light sensations that you have too control your breath to get through.  
The vicious stabbing of your intestines every time you eat,  
The look on the pharmacist face when they do NOT FILL
 your RX,  The panic realizing if you do not
address the BREAK TRHU PAIN you will have the lost days,
Lying in bed not able too think or breathe because the pain
takes over and consumes you.
The looks and judgement of the people you come in contact
with,  The people that have had a simple head ache and complained
but have never had the feeling or believing that your body
is a swollen, white bruised torture chamber.
The panic when you have too leave the space you feel
comfortable in,  The only place where you feel safe and can
have access to what ever might stabilize your discomfort.

Trying to be a "REAL PERSON"  so you feel you can accept
the love of the person that has helped you thru the  torment
that does not leave you alone EVEN WHEN YOU SLEEP!

The Dr's that are not aware of pain,  The Pharmacist that looks
at you like a drug addict AND still you can not fill
your legitimate prescription.  Because your insurance company
does not cover your medication!   But they cover a script  to make a Dick Hard!
Finding out the reason you can not fill the only pill
that has helped you,  IS BECAUSE you can find it on the street
ILLEGALLY cheaper than form your pharmacy!
The drug War from the government ARE LIES.
but that is another letter.
A kind word from a stranger is more comforting than you know!

Michelle Certonio

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