May 7, 2011

Giving Un-bidden advice can be insulting To A disabled person.

I need to share with you -- Why it can be insulting to throw out advice when you have NO knowledge of The situation.

I have answered over 2500 emails to People that Comment on my U-tube Postings, Actually THANKING
Me for Un-precedented honesty that people never hear. I do not "give Advice" unless ASKED for. How can I assume I know their history-What they have BEEN Thru! (60,000 or more people have viewed my video's And I have over 250 subscriptions)

I have found dispensing unbidden advice is like telling someone they are ignorant. I have been Ill my entire life & Dieter's Tea sound,s Ignorant. I am not saying this in A derogatory manner & do not want to offend you but I feel unless you KNOW--Don't Throw-Advice

My grandma was sick & died recently from FM, I have been sick since young, My sister shot herself In Her heart because SHE COULD not Take ONE MORE DAY OF PAIN--Her suicide note. My brother died from complications at 28 years old last year & So on!

I am hanging on by my fingertips that are tearing off right now, So that may be why my response is EXTREME! hopefully you will learn from this and
Do not take it as an insult. This letter will be
Posted on my blog as A tool for others also.


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