October 5, 2008

Sub-Prime Mortgae crisis?

Me the Drop Out, I Wrote this JUNE, 6/20/08
How did I figure this out if MCCain And BUSH And the rest
of the FAT CATS, That take advantage of our System EACH DAY!

It is amazing no one is questioning the SUB-PRIME Mortgage Scandal.

Out of the Blue banks are loaning money to people that can NOT and
they know will not pay their loans back.

Who do you think is behind this? Do You Think It just happened? RIGHT?>

Poor People, people they should have never extended credit to in the first place.

Start Questioning PEOPLE (and your bankers) start caring that you pay 4.00$ for gas and remember or look it up

Just One of the "BIG OIL" Presidents made over $400,000,00 million dollars just last--- year made this as a bonus. But remember they cut jobs in the middle management AND took away health benefits and RETIREMENT from people like you and me.

YOUR government does not care about you! Think about it!

As you struggle too pay your rent , food, costs way way up! And
Taxes and Insurance. How do we make money out of nothing?

Our government does! They print more money with OOO! to back it up.

YOUR President never MINE, put bad people in high places, For instance he has the power too put Low People in high places!
lobbyist's are appointed too......to conserve OUR Earth!

Insurance lobbyist too oversee Insurance Laws AND Credit card
Banks to make laws for guess who? Bankruptcy laws

TOO write the LAWS about bankruptcy!

PEOPLE get informed Get pissed off! And write too your Senators
Statistics say ONE person 3600 People will actually write!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi again, just been reading your thoughts on society. Firstly I want to say what a very "switched on" Astute human being you ARE! ... you are obviously very sensitive and caring about what's happening to society. I live in England ,everyones talking about all the greed of some of our politicians , it seems that as well as being paid enormous saleries , some MPs have been filing claims for literally thousands of pounds for their personal "expenses" even hiring expensive companies to do jobs around their extremely grand homes and "second" homes claiming money as "expenses" which is the Tax payers money!! ... some MPs even claimed for new expensive Television / DVD player etc... another MP's personal claims totaled £80,000 !! just for the "upkeep" of his "enormous mansion" all claimed from the British Tax payers !! ... when all this information got out to the public it caused up-roar and RIGHTLY SO !!... hey talk about sheer "GREED" .
By the way, on a personal note, I live in the South West of England with my husband and 2 years old Labrador dog. By the way I love the photo you have on your blog of you and Irving he looks so adorable in the photo, I'm so sorry he passed away.

With love & peace